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Garden Maintenance
Below is a list of all our available garden maintenance equiment. For all other equipment please use the menu on the right.
Barreto 9hp Ratovator - Hydraulic drive - Petrol
Tine width: 40cm

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Post Hole Borer

Quickly bores out perfect holes for fencing, gate posts or tree planting.

Two-man, hand-held Post Hole Borer - Petrol - 2-stroke
Augers available: 4" or 6"
Maximum digging depth: 2890mm

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Leaf Blower
MAKITA L500 Backpack Blower - Petrol - 2-stroke

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Brush Cutter
MAKITA Hand-held Strimmer - Petrol - 2-stroke

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Lawn Aireator
BANNERMAN Lawn Aerator - Petrol
Machine width: 680mm
Drum width: 450mm

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Garden Scarifier
ELIET Lawn Scarifier - Petrol
Machine width: 800mm
Drum width: 550mm

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Turf Cutters

Easy to use turf cutter for removing long strips in preparation for pipe laying etc., enabling the turf to be replaced. Ideal for garden and landscaping projects.

TRACMASTER Camon TC07 Turf Cutter

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